Statutory Information and Policies

The statutory policies of The Torfield and Saxon Mount Academy Trust (TaSMAT) are provided below

These policies are implemented in each academy within the Trust. They are also complemented by academy-specific policies, which are available on each academy’s website:

Statutory Information


Adverse Weather Conditions policy Federation Jan 2024.pdf
Appraisal Policy Federation Dec 2023.pdf
Attendance Management Policy and Procedure Federation Feb 2024.pdf
Balance and Contingencies Policy Federation Mar 2023.pdf
Capability Procedure Federation Mar 2023.pdf
Code of Conduct July 2023.pdf
CCTV Policy Federation Jan 2024.pdf
Charging and Remissions Policy Federation Dec 2023.pdf
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy Federation Oct 2023.pdf
Complaints Policy Mar 2023.pdf
Conflict Of Interest Policy Federation Mar 2023.pdf
Crisis Management and Business Continuity Policy Mar 2023.pdf
Data Protection Policy Federation May 2022.pdf
Dignity At Work Policy Federation Mar 2021.pdf
Disciplinary Policy Federation Dec 2023.pdf
Drug Alcohol and Tobacco Education Policy Federation June 2023.pdf
Emotional Health and Wellbeing Policy July 2022.pdf
Equality Policy Federation Feb 2020.pdf
First Aid Policy Federation Jan 2024.pdf
FOI and Publication Scheme Policy Federation Dec 2023.pdf
Gifts and Hospitality Policy Federation Mar 2023.pdf
Grievance and Workplace Conflict Policy Federation Dec 2023.pdf
Health and Safety Policy Federation May 2023.pdf
LAC Policy Federation Jan 2024.pdf
No Smoking Policy Academy Trust Jan 2024.pdf
Password Policy Federation Oct 2023.pdf
Pay Policy TASMAT Dec 2023.pdf
Positive Handling Policy Federation June 2023.pdf
PREVENT Extremism Policy Federation Sept 2023.pdf
PREVENT Extremism Risk Assessment Federation Sept 2023.pdf
Privacy Notice for Pupils and Parents Saxon Mount.pdf
Privacy Notice for Pupils and Parents Torfield.pdf
Promoting British Values Policy Federation May 2023.pdf
RSE Federation Policy Feb 2023.pdf
Safer Recruitment Policy Federation July 2023.pdf
School Vehicle Driver Policy May 2021.pdf
Searching Policy July 2022.pdf
SEN Policy Federation Feb 2024.pdf
Social Media Policy Federation May 2022.pdf
Stress Management Policy Federation Feb 2024.pdf
Supporting Pupils With Medical Conditions Federation Oct 2022.pdf
TaSMAT Assessment and Reporting Policy Aug 2022.pdf
TaSMAT Attendance Policy Sept 2022.pdf
Tendering and Procurement Policy Mar 2023.pdf
Use of Images of Children Federation June 2023.pdf
Use of Mobile Technology Policy Federation Feb 2023.pdf
Violence at Work Policy Federation Feb 2024.pdf
Whistle Blowing Policy Federation June 2022.pdf