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Saxon Mount

Saxon Mount School caters for children and young people who have a range of Special Educational Needs (SEN), particularly autism and moderate learning difficulties. In practice, we cater for a very wide range of needs: A large number of our children are autistic and significant number of pupils experience speech, language and communication difficulties and / or social, emotional and mental health difficulties and other complex SEN.

School Structure

The school is organised in a carefully structured way that promotes independence, confidence, aspiration and preparation for life beyond school. Class sizes are small and all have a high staff ratio. We support children joining us in Year 7 by providing a structured and very supportive transition programme that includes a summer school programme. We also ensure that a higher percentage of curriculum time is spent in Y7 classroom bases. By the time pupils move into Year 8 and 9, they are happy and confident enough to move independently around the school in order to access a wider range of teaching areas and resources. We have four smaller class groups for children with higher levels of learning difficulty and additional needs. Pupils based in these class groups have access to additional learning support, but also are provided with many opportunities to join other classes wherever possible and appropriate.

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