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Torfield School

Torfield School caters for children and young people who have a range of Special Educational Needs (SEN), particularly autism and moderate learning difficulties. In practice, we cater for a very wide range of needs: A large number of our children are autistic and significant number of pupils experience speech, language and communication difficulties and / or social, emotional and mental health difficulties and other complex SEN.

School Structure

The school is organised in a carefully structured way that promotes independence, confidence, aspiration and preparation for transition into the next phase of learning. Many of our children learn in very small steps. Teachers regularly assess learning and monitor how much support each child needs. For children with the highest level of need we have additional support classes which can provide additional learning and social development support programmes and a higher level of adult support.

Class sizes are small and all have a high staff ratio. We support children joining our Reception classes by providing a well-structured transition programme. As children move through the school we provide appropriate levels of support and challenge to extend learning and develop independence. Our youngest children attend the Early Years Centre in Parker Road, which has appropriately adapted indoor and outdoor learning areas, suitable for very young children with high levels of need.

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