Our Governors

The Torfield and Saxon Mount Academy Trust (TASMAT) is governed by a Board of Directors, supported by an Academy Advisory Board. Our directors have a wide experience of skills and our Advisory Board governors include parents and school staff. Together we work in partnership with the Executive Headteacher to strategically develop the organisation, provision and resources to provide high quality education for our pupils.

The Board of Directors is the accountable body for schools in the Trust and has a responsibility to set the vision for the Trust, monitor and hold the schools to account for educational performance and to oversee financial performance. The Advisory Board supports the Board of Directors by monitoring aspects of teaching and learning and safeguarding in the schools. We are delighted that both our schools are graded by Ofsted as ‘Outstanding’ and 'Good with outstanding features’ and that in its most recent judgement, East Sussex County Council categorised both Saxon Mount and Torfield as Outstanding in overall effectiveness. 

It is now five years since Torfield and Saxon Mount Schools converted to become a Multi Academy Trust .Converting to Academy status was a major development for our schools and was undertaken in the knowledge and conviction that this would positively impact on the education and outcomes for our pupils and this has most definitely proved to be the case.

Since the school opened as an Academy…the Trust has rapidly improved all aspects of the school.

- Saxon Mount Ofsted, 2017

At the heart of TASMAT is our clear vision and outstanding senior leadership of our schools. We aim for and achieve outstanding provision. The quality of teaching and learning is recognised by internal and external assessors and advisors as being at least good or outstanding and continues to improve year on year.

…all staff share high expectations of what pupils can achieve in all aspects of their education…

- Saxon Mount Ofsted, 2017

“Pupils love coming to Torfield School. Each day starts positively, with happy greetings between pupils and with staff, followed by breakfast served in classrooms. Pupils’ happiness and strong sense of safety are evidenced through trusting relationships, smiles and laughter. Leaders and staff have high expectations for pupils’ behaviour, learning and personal development.” 

- Torfield Ofsted 2023 

Well done and congratulations to all our staff! Our staff share in our high expectations and aspirations and as a result many of our pupils make outstanding progress.

Our school buildings and resources are continually being developed. Trustees rigorously monitor finances and accounts to ensure that the pupils’ needs are well met within high quality appropriate environments with access to high quality resources. Visitors tell us how much they appreciate the quality of environment at our schools.

All this however could not be achieved without the care and support of parents and carers. Your interest, encouragement and support is extremely important to ensure that pupils attend well and maximise their access to the excellent opportunities offered in our schools. We value the views of parents and carers which are gathered at regular intervals throughout the year (at parent evenings and Annual Review meetings etc.) as this helps us to plan and develop provision at the schools. We also value the contribution of each of our School Councils, which members of the Board of Directors attend to hear first-hand what the pupils are thinking about their schools.

As Governors we regularly undertake training and development to ensure that we are well placed to make decisions and look to strategically plan for the future. The national and local landscape of education is continually changing and developing and we feel well placed to consider the further development of our Trust, with all decisions based on enhancing the wellbeing and achievements of our pupils.

As Governors (either as Directors or members of our Academy Advisory Board) we are immensely proud of all pupils and all members of staff and all that is achieved by our schools. We will relentlessly continue to provide an outstanding educational experience at TASMAT.

Jenny Sutherland
Chair of the Board of Directors
Spring 2019

Board of Directors

Jenny Sutherland, Chair

Ian Kingham, Director / Finance

Jean Haigh, Director / Developments and Projects

Sarah Fitzjohn-Scott, Director / Chair of AAB

Jeremy Moss, Director / Safeguarding

Richard Preece, Director / Executive Headteacher / CEO

Academy Advisory Board

Sarah Fitzjohn-Scott, Chair

Richard Preece, Executive Headteacher

Jeremy Moss / Safeguarding

Amanda Jagot, Headteacher, Saxon Mount (Associate Member)

John Anderson, Headteacher, Torfield (Associate Member)

Jasmine Seymour, Staff Governor

Claire Noble, Staff Governor

Mark Farris, Parent Governor

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