Torfield - Safeguarding: Names on Bags

15th May 2024
We are noticing an increase of school bags with the child's name on the outside, as in the picture below. We appreciate that this is a good way to help children identify their name and their bag. However, by putting your child's name on the outside of their bag, it is easy for strangers to identify your child too. The risk is that a person they don't know could call out to your child by the name they have read on their bag, and your child responds and goes to them. Whilst the chances of this happening are small, we would like to point out that the risk is there. You can help your child identify their school bag in different ways using toys or teddies clipped on the outside. If you would like support in helping your child do more to recognise their name, then please get in touch with your child's teacher. They have a wealth of ideas.