Torfield - Chinese New Year Celebrations

12th Feb 2024

Torfield had the joy of celebrating Chinese New Year together. It was a festival of colour.  Miss Daniell and Miss Tang planned an amazing selection of activities for the children to take part in.  Children wrote their name in Chinese script; they made some beautiful Chinese lanterns and the highlight of the week was the dragon parade. Miss Daniell and a team of children worked tirelessly to form the dragon.  Parker Road had their dragon visitor in the morning and were a little surprised when he began dancing for them.  At Croft Road, it was a real joy watching the children take turns as classes to dance the dragon to the drum beat around the school hall. The artwork the children had completed during the week added life and colour to the spectacle around the school.  Sweet and sour, noodles and prawn crackers for lunch added to the day’s experience, as did the fortune cookies enjoyed in class.  The children really enjoyed the holistic look at Chinese New Year.

               CNY14       CNY7       IMG 0039       CNY6

                                           CNY3      IMG 0030